Our Home

Welcome to Tett House! We are a family who escaped suburban city life to live in a 19th century country manor. Every day is a new discovery and an adventure.

Old House, New Owners

Modern living combined with rural challenges and local history make Tett House an exciting place to call home.


We’re a family of artists who are committed to making a change to our lives for the better. Tett House is everything that embodies that change. Follow along as we discuss how we got here and where we are going. It’s been a bumpy ride already so fasten your seat belts!


Autumn Vibes

This year, fall has been incredibly vibrant and beautiful, and seems to be lasting longer than usual. This is fine with me, as it has always been my favourite time of year, and Tett House – like me – experiences the changing of the seasons with intensity and wonder. Surrounded as we are by water …


Tett House
South Frontenac, ON